We are busy with hauling wood to the yard, sorting and packing as well as stacking and delivering. It is a good season. Maybe people are just burning their fireplaces to lift the gloom and dry out a bit.

Our split wood is dry and well-seasoned. We have a variety of products as described below for your consideration. Please review. If you would like something not mentioned, please tell us below in the form provided.



An individual bundle of seasoned, dry split wood as pictured here is shrink wrapped. It contains 6-7 good sized pieces. We are delivering and stacking it this year for $11.50 per bundle (minimum of five bundles).

Bundle – end view

Same bundle – side view
approx 1 sq ft with 6-7 pieces

For weatherproof shrink wrap please add $2.50/bundle

We deliver the same bundles in bulk:
Can we suggest your starting with our 11 bundles stacked and delivered for $100.00?

32 bundles = one fourth of legal cord: we deliver and stack for $225.00.

Bulk Wood – (not bundled)

In bulk we deliver and stack a wide variety to suit your needs.

Pictured immediately above is an unbundled bulk stack at 4 ft high, 2 ft wide and 4 ft tall = 32 cubic feet (one quarter of a legal cord — 128 cu ft of split wood). This “pile” is delivered and stacked at your home for $185.00.

We have plenty of wood ready for delivery.



NOTE: We will bill you electronically after delivery using PayPal invoicing system.

To Order, Please Complete the Following and Submit

Thanks so much. Your business is very much appreciated.