2 thoughts on “Customer Testimonials

  1. Good morning tom. I hope your summer is winding down nicely. I just wanted to see if we are in the rotation for lawn mowing today or tomorrow. Our back yard is getting a bit unruly and we’re looking forward to playing in it over the long weekend. Thank you again for giving us (me) this yard. I remember saying all I wanted was a yard to play with the kids in and you delivered!

  2. So happy that your property is meeting your goals and to have had a part in making it that way. It is a beautiful place,

    The front yard gives the property great curb appeal. The yard frames the distinctive architecture of your home.

    The rear yard is not only gorgeous it is a child’s delight with rolling green grass, lovely flower beds and that absolutely dreamy bamboo thicke. Not hard to imagine it becoming so many different things to a young creative mind. And what a relaxing place for a barbecue ot to just look at from your deck.

    Thanks and yes, we do so appreciate your business.

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